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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Symptoms of dengue and corona may be similar, don't be confused and be alert

 Symptoms of dengue and corona may be similar, don't be confused and be alert

Dengue and Covid-19:

 Cases of corona virus are continuously coming up. But, in the meantime, dengue cases have increased in many states after the rains. But the thing to note is that many people are seeing similar symptoms of these two. Yes, experts are also surprised that after all, how can these two have similar symptoms and how to recognize them. Because, in the similar symptoms of these two, people are facing many symptoms like body pain including common cold. At the same time, dengue cases have worried the authorities and created confusion.

Symptoms of corona and dengue are seen in people

Actually, there have been many such cases in Pune where similar symptoms of corona and dengue have been seen. The situation is that the cases of dengue have increased suddenly after the monsoon, while the cases of corona have also increased during the festival season and in such a situation many people are showing symptoms of both. Dr Sanjay Patil, President, Indian Medical Association (IMA) Hospital Board of India, Pune Chapter, said that patients should visit doctors if they have symptoms of any disease.

Recognize the difference between the two

Many people are confused about the identity between the symptoms of dengue and corona. In such a situation there is a way by which you can identify the symptoms of both of them. They are respiratory problems or their symptoms. Yes, in dengue you should not have any respiratory problem, in this you may have fever with severe body pain. Whereas, even if you feel all the symptoms of dengue in corona, then you will feel the symptoms related to respiratory problem. Because dengue is a disease caused by mosquitoes, corona is a disease related to the respiratory system.

At the same time, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most people with dengue and COVID-19 who have mild symptoms can recover at home. But, go to the doctor in the beginning so that your treatment can be done properly.

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