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Friday, September 23, 2022

The plant that reduces the symptoms of diabetes is 'Solo', Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also counted its merits.

 The plant that reduces the symptoms of diabetes is 'Solo', Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also counted its merits.

Solo Plant Health Benefits: To naturally control the blood sugar level in diabetes, prescriptions are prepared from many things obtained from trees and plants because their consumption prevents the increase in the amount of glucose in the blood and manages diabetes. helps to do. One such plant is Solo which is found in the mountainous region of our country, Ladakh. A few days ago, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi also talked about this special plant growing in Ladakh in one of his speeches. Counting the merits of 'Solo', the Prime Minister said that it is no less than 'Sanjeevani Booti'. They said that, It is said by experts that a plant called Solo, found in Ladakh, is very useful for people living in areas with high altitude or snowfall because the immune system of people living in places with low oxygen levels can work and help. It helps to keep him strong.

The Prime Minister also talked about promoting the use of Solo plant in the medical world. After hearing the name of this plant, the curiosity of knowing about Solo has increased in the minds of people and they are asking doctors and experts about this plant. If you also want to know about Solo, then read this article, where we are writing about some of the properties of this plant. Also know about its benefits and ways of consumption. 

Why is the Solo plant and its flowers special?

This herb called Solo grows in the hills of Ladakh , while it is also found on the mountains of Siberia which are covered with snow. In English it is called Rodelio rosea and the plant is also known by names like Gold Mine and Leh Berry. The plant was identified by the scientists of the Leh-based Defense Institute of High Altitude and Research (DIHAR) and now the activities related to the cultivation of Solo on a large scale have also started. The flowers and roots of the Solo plant are used as medicine.

What are the medicinal benefits of Solo?

Appetite problems (such as decreased appetite or lack of desire to eat) are less frequent.

Memory increases by its consumption.

Solo flowers reduce stress and it provides relief from problems like depression.

This plant reduces the risk of cancer.

Solo is also a useful medicine for diabetic patients. The blood sugar level is controlled by drinking tea of ​​its flowers .

Solo plant is also popular for its anti-aging effects. It keeps the skin healthy and youthful for a long time.

Provides relief from anemia.

Boosts immunity.

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