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Friday, September 16, 2022

Tamarind can darken hair naturally, learn how to use

 Tamarind can darken hair naturally, learn how to use

Tamarind Leaves for Natural Hair Color:  Beautiful hair can add to your personality, while sudden graying of hair at a young age can embarrass you. That's why everyone tries to take special care of their hair. When the hair turns white before age, we immediately run towards the expensive hair care products available in the market. Such hair care products contain chemicals, which can sometimes weaken and damage the hair instead of benefiting it. To get rid of this problem, tamarind leaves can be used.

Vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties as well as natural hair coloring agents are found in tamarind, which is helpful in protecting the hair from many hair problems along with coloring the hair naturally. Tamarind leaves are used in many ways for healthy and shiny hair, let's know

How to use tamarind:

Vitamin C is present in abundance in tamarind leaves, due to which the hair is only naturally black and many hair problems like dryness, fall and dandruff can be found.

Make hair spray According to Indian. in to keep the hair healthy, hair spray can be prepared from tamarind leaves, which can be helpful in darkening the hair naturally.

To prepare hair spray, first mix half a cup of tamarind leaves in 5 cups of water and boil it and wait for it to cool down and then spray it in your hair and wash the hair with clean water after a while. By doing this process daily, one can get relief from the bacteria and dirt present in the hair.

Prepare a hair mask

You can use a hair mask made of tamarind leaves to get rid of hair problems and bring back natural shine to the hair, which will eliminate the dandruff present in the surface of the hair and premature graying. Hair can also be relieved.

To make this hair mask, first prepare a hair mask by grinding tamarind leaves with curd in a mixer grinder and then massage this mask on your hair with light hands, dry it and wash it with clean water.


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