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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Mosquitoes cause elephant foot disease, these are 5 home remedies to avoid

 Mosquitoes cause elephant foot disease, these are 5 home remedies to avoid

Mosquitoes that are the cause of deadly diseases like dengue, mosquito and chikungunya spread another such disease which not only makes a person physically ill but also mentally hurts the patient a lot. The name of this disease is Elephantitis. This disease is spread due to a parasite which enters inside the body through mosquito bite. Due to this disease, the feet of the patient swell like the feet of an elephant. Let us know some such home remedies that can give you relief from this disease. 

This disease is also called elephantitis lymphatic filariasis because filariasis affects the lymphatic system of the body. This disease affects the hands and feet of humans as well as the genitals. 


Clove is a very effective remedy for the treatment of filariasis. The enzymes present in clove kill the parasite as soon as it grows. The patient suffering from this disease should take clove tea. 

Black Walnut-

Drink 3-4 drops of black walnut oil in a cup of hot water. Drink this water twice a day. Many properties present in walnuts reduce the number of insects present in the blood. 


To treat filariasis, include garlic, pineapple, sweet potato, sweet potato, carrot and apricots in your diet. They contain vitamin A which helps a lot in killing bacteria. 

Ginger -

To get rid of filariasis, take dry ginger powder (sonth) with hot water daily. By doing this the parasites present in the body are destroyed and the patient recovers quickly. 

Amla -

Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. The anthelminthic present in it helps in quick healing of wounds. Eating one gooseberry daily cures the infection.

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