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Friday, September 16, 2022

Maggi Ke Nuksaan!

Maggi Ke Nuksaan

Maggi noodles, which are edible in 2 minutes, have many disadvantages as well. Yes, noodles sold by Nestle India Company under the name Maggi spread very fast in the Indian market due to their taste and due to the fact that they became edible quickly (in just 2 minutes). People eat it with great fervor. Today it is used in almost every kitchen. Hungry but there is nothing to eat or no time to cook, what if Maggi is there, it will be ready in just 2 minutes. And in this way people are eating a lot by preparing Maggi in 2 minutes. But we should know that this Maggi is as easy to make and as good as it tastes to eat, unlike it, it is equally harmful for our body and health. Yes, eating Maggi in large quantities, apart from increasing the chances of getting kidney problems and cancer, it harms our body and health in many ways.

Let us discuss the disadvantages of Maggi.

Disadvantages of Maggi

1. Injurious to health due to trans fat: - Maggi is already fried, so it takes only 2 minutes to cook it for eating. Trans fat is used in Maggi. Whereas trans fats are injurious to health. From the point of view of health, it is advisable to stay away from trans fat. Trans fat has many disadvantages but its benefits are not even one. In this situation, when trans fat is used in making Maggi, it is harmful instead of beneficial for health.

2. Various types of health problems: Maggi contains the dangerous chemical monosodium glutamate (MSG), commonly known as lead or lead. This MSG is very harmful for health. Due to the increase in the amount of MSG in our body, it affects our health in many ways and harms our body. It is also noteworthy that the MSG or lead that comes into our body is not able to get out of the body again. Due to which MSG keeps accumulating in the body by eating more Maggi and it keeps harming our health and body.

3. By collecting MSG or lead in the body, it has a long-term adverse effect on our body, such as it affects the digestive system. It also affects the brain, kidneys and fertility. High amounts of MSG and lead can also cause cancer. Thus, excessive

use of Maggi increases the risk of cancer.

Eating Maggi in large quantities can lead to various health problems. Eating more Maggi can cause anemia, joint problems. Eating Maggi also affects our memory and the memory is weak. Eating Maggi has a very bad effect on the kidney and liver and the problem of hearing loss can also occur due to the consumption of Maggi. Consumption of Maggi also causes headache and loss of appetite. Eating Maggi also increases obesity.

Eating Maggi has a very bad effect on the digestive system. This food does not allow to be digested properly, which causes pain in the stomach. Maggi is very harmful for pregnant women. A small amount of lead found in it affects the IQ of the unborn baby.

Eating Maggi on an empty stomach produces gas. Consumption of Maggi does not cause hunger. Consumption of Maggi can also cause hearing problems and joint pain. Being made of maida, if you consume Maggi in excess, it sticks in the intestine, causing constipation and many other diseases. Overall, Maggi harms our body and health in many ways.

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