Due to these mistakes of parents, children do not listen stubbornly

 Due to these mistakes of parents, children do not listen stubbornly

Parenting Mistakes: You must have often heard many people say that when the child was young, he used to listen but now he has grown up and has become stubborn. Not only this, even after asking parents to do some work, children listen to them with one ear and remove them from the other. If you are also feeling the same thing with your child, then take a look if you too are not making these mistakes.

Due to these mistakes, the children do not listen to the parents - talking in a loud voice - there comes a time in the life of the children of parents who always talk in a loud voice to the children when the children scolded because of the shouting of the parents. And can't even make a difference in talking normal.

Say bad things- If you are the same parent who keeps on telling bad things to your child all the time, then be careful. This mistake of yours is also keeping you away from your child. Because of this mistake of yours, your child can become stubborn.

Finding flaws in work- If parents keep finding faults in every work of their child, do not leave any opportunity to tell them, then such children do not want to listen to their parents. It seems okay for them to do so.

Raising hands on children- Parents who raise their hands on their children over small matters, their children often try to stay away from their parents. Such children become insincere due to repeated beatings and do not listen to the parents. In such a situation, instead of raising a hand on the child, make him realize his mistake with love.

Take care of yourself - Children are like raw clay. The way you treat them, they will turn back and do the same to you. In such a situation, try to understand your child's needs and feelings. Only when you do this will he try to listen to you. It is also wrong to impose your expectations on the child if your own behavior is not right with the child.

Comparing with other children- If you also compare your child with other children living in the neighborhood or studying together in school, then change this habit of yours. This habit of yours can distance you emotionally from your child. Your child will feel that his parents do not like him but the children with him more.

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