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Thursday, September 22, 2022

ડોક્ટરે કહ્યું: ડેન્ગ્યુ લક્ષણો વગર પણ થઈ શકે છે, જાણો વાયરલ ફીવર અને ડેન્ગ્યુ વચ્ચે કેવી રીતે તફાવત કરવો?

 Doctor told: Dengue can happen even without symptoms, know how to differentiate between viral fever and dengue?

Dengue cases have been increasing in the capital Delhi for the last few weeks. In the last one week alone, the infection has been detected in more than 100 people. Doctors say that all people need to be careful, understanding the danger of this serious mosquito-borne disease. Understanding the risk that dengue can happen to anyone, its serious condition can be life-threatening, keep taking measures to avoid mosquito bites. To stay away from the danger of dengue, it is necessary to know about its symptoms and methods of prevention.

Doctors say, as the weather is changing in the country at this time, due to which the risk of seasonal flu has also increased significantly, apart from this, there is also a spurt in dengue cases. It is worth noting that most of the symptoms of dengue and flu are similar, so it becomes necessary to differentiate them in time and get the right treatment for the condition.

Apart from this, dengue infection can also be asymptomatic in some situations. Let us know how dengue can be identified in time? Experts say, timely treatment in case of dengue can save the disease from taking a serious form. 

How to differentiate dengue and viral fever? We got in touch with Dr Vinay Munjal, Intensive Care,

to understand the growing threat of dengue and how to prevent it. Doctor Vinay says, many symptoms of dengue and influenza (viral fever) are similar such as cold, cough, headache, body ache, fever. People are often confused about these symptoms. However, it is worth noting that some of the symptoms of dengue look completely different on the body, on the basis of which this condition can be identified. Blood clot-like rashes may occur on the body in dengue patients. Most cases of viral fever have a body temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit while dengue fever is 103-104 degrees Fahrenheit. These are some of the differences on the basis of which dengue and viral fever can be differentiated at an early stage.

Dengue can happen without symptoms,

says Vinay, it is not necessary that every patient of dengue must show other symptoms along with high fever, in some situations dengue can also be asymptomatic. Dengue can also be diagnosed in some people with flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, and headache. Therefore, if you have been suffering from flu-like problems for 3-4 days and are not getting cured with normal medicines, then in this situation, you should definitely consult a specialist and get it treated. 

The condition of dengue can be serious,

doctors say, if dengue is not treated and diagnosed in time, then its condition can be serious and even fatal. Severe dengue is a leading cause of death in Asian and Latin American countries. In severe cases, dengue can also cause hemorrhagic fever in which you may experience severe bleeding, a sudden drop in blood pressure. If dengue is detected and treated in time, then the chances of taking serious form of the disease and saving the life of the patient increases.

What is the advice of doctors

Health experts say, as there has been a sharp spike in dengue cases in the past few weeks, it has become necessary for all people to take measures to stay safe from this threat. Avoid mosquito bites, wear long-sleeved shirt-pants, take measures to control mosquitoes inside and outside your home such as spraying medicines and prevent water logging. Small efforts can save you from the danger of dengue. Most importantly, if you are experiencing symptoms for some time, then definitely get treatment in time.


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