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Monday, October 3, 2022

To remove weakness, eat jaggery with sprouted gram every day, in this way you will consume many unmatched benefits

 To remove weakness, eat jaggery with sprouted gram every day, in this way you will consume many unmatched benefits

Health benefits of chana sprouts and jaggery: 

Chana is a very beneficial grain for health and its consumption in every season is considered equally beneficial for health. Chana is a grain rich in iron, potassium, zinc and dietary fiber, which gives strength to the body and removes weakness. Apart from this, it is also considered very good for brain health. Children and women who are most prone to anemia are especially advised to consume gram, apart from this it also boosts the health of the skin. There are many ways to consume chickpeas. As roasted gram is eaten with salt, some people make curry by soaking them. Similarly, people eat soaked chickpeas by adding them to salads and chaat to get the taste and nutrition. When soaked chickpeas are sprouted, the amount of micronutrients and proteins increases in them which work to make the chickpeas even more nutritious.

You must have consumed sprouted chickpeas with salt and pepper, but did you know that after sprouting, consuming chickpeas with jaggery can prove to be even more beneficial for health. Yes, according to experts, eating jaggery and sprouted gram not only provides relief from the symptoms of anemia but also reduces many other problems of the body. Read here about some such unmatched benefits of eating jaggery with sprouted gram.

Health benefits of sprouted chana and jaggery

Increases immunity power of the body

Eating sprouted gram can increase the body's natural power or immune power to fight diseases. This has also been one of the reasons behind the traditional breakfast of gram and jaggery. Because, like gram, jaggery is also a food that increases the immunity of the body, which keeps the body safe from various types of seasonal diseases and infections.

Relief from Constipation

As gram is a good source of dietary fiber which increases the power of the digestive system. Due to this, problems related to digestion like constipation, stomach gas and other problems are reduced. At the same time, it also increases the metabolic rate of the body, which also accelerates the process of weight loss.

how to consume it

Soak a bowl of gram with one liter of water overnight. Keep them tied in a clean cotton cloth the next day. After a few hours, sprouts will emerge in the gram.

Take your required gram in a bowl and eat it with jaggery .

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