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Monday, October 17, 2022

India 6 Supreme Scary Description

 India 6 Supreme Scary Description

Connect with a woman is also a very scary place. The places of these things are so scary that when you land at night, you are afraid because the scream does not indicate, but once even a best best person trembles. Today in this article we discuss such a discussion. It is prohibited to visit it during Nejana.

Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan

The site is also known as the 500 "Ghost City". Bhangarh Fort is one of the most feared places in the world. But it is said that there was a Tatrik, a man who practiced black magic, in the late 1600s when he was in love with a princess of Bhangarh.

She tries to give him a magic potion, will see her and marry her. But Rajkumar Kumari came to know about this and saved the potion, then all subsequent curses and rival attacks destroyed Bhangarh.

The Government of India also chooses a board and women are forbidden to enter the fort in the dark. He who goes in the dark is never in the means.

Dow Hill, Print Bengal

According to locals, the hill station of Dow Hill, nearby places and the nearby Victoria Boy's School are haunted houses. The diversity here is the diversity and discovery and experience of different children.

Supreme is a boy without an ordinary world, who wanders among and is chased by people. A succession of shouts, laughter and cheers are heard in the school. No one is around even in villages and weekends.

Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

Just 25 km from the biggest foodie hub, Surat, Dooms Samudra beach is one of the best haunting information. You have said and it is true that long ago people used this place as a cremation ground.

A lot of activities take place here at a time. Many Croods have seen Bhut wandering. Someone in your mind, the quantum between Patan and many other events becomes terrifying and sometimes someone hears a rad.

Ramoji Film City, Andhra Pradesh

One of the largest film complexes in the country, Ramoji Film Studios is also said to be home to various hoos that roam the area and the hotel. One guards and protects him on the battlefield.

Don't understand situation In the situation, incidents of crew members falling into their seats are more details and recorded incidents.

D'Souza Chal, Mahim, Mumbai

D'Souza has a well that symbolizes fear. He says that this move was due to the departure of a woman at the time of flooding in the clan. People's friends or later this woman comes to the well at night. However, it does not matter to anyone. People explain here at night only.

Tunnel No. 33, Borag, Shimla

It is said by himself that the British railway engineer came up with this experience due to his own wrong experience of digging tunnels. You divide it into a tank and instruct it to open on both sides, and a tunnel in the middle.

But, their economy and British government imposed shape on them. When he went for a walk with his kura, he was ambushed and shot in the evening. His body was buried near the tunnel, and many say his spirit still exists.

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