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Monday, October 31, 2022

If you keep these things in mind while making poua, its taste will be amazing

 If you keep these things in mind while making poua, its taste will be amazing

Have you ever had indori paua? Paua is made for breakfast in most households. The good thing about this breakfast is that it is quick to prepare and also very tasty to eat. Everyone makes poua in their own style. Many people make paua by adding tomatoes, peas and potatoes.

However, every man wants how to make poua soft and delicious? Often women make many small mistakes while making poua, due to which the taste of poua spoils. Today in this article we will talk about the things that should be kept in mind while making poua.

Tip for making Khil Khil Paua : Poua should not be washed for a long time. Paua should be washed only 1-2 times. Often women wash paua like rice for a long time. This is the reason why pouas do not become khilkhila. So use less water while washing poua. Do not drain all the water from the poua, if there is no water it will dry out.

How much heat to cook? If you too get stuck on the pan while making paua, then this tip will be very helpful for you. Paua should never be cooked on high gas flame. This will not only spoil the taste of the paua but also make it stickier. So always cook paua on low flame.

When to use lemon? It can be said that lemon makes paua tastier. Without it, the paua tastes bland. Many women cook on poua gas even after adding lemon juice. This makes the poua bitter. So when you serve paua squeeze lemon on top and mix well.

Special Tips : Overcooking paua also makes it tough. So you should know how long to cook paua. If while cooking the paua you feel that they have become tough, you can add some water to it. That is, use only 2 spoons of water. After this cover the lid and let the paua rise.

When the paua is ready, keep it on the gas so that it stays warm for a while. Oil should not be used excessively in poua. Adding more oil spoils the whole taste. Tomato adds sourness to paua. So if you add tomatoes to paua then don't forget to fry the tomato well.

Do not stir quickly while making the poua, as the poua will break. Also, be very careful about which poua you buy from the market, as there are many types of poua. So before making poha read the instructions written on the packet once.

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