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Monday, October 31, 2022

10 very useful kitchen tips and tricks

 10 very useful kitchen tips and tricks

1- How to heat milk so that it does not boil and fall down: - If you heat milk on low heat, it often happens and it falls down. So at that time you put a big spoon in the middle of the pan. When the milk slowly warms up and comes up, it will not be seen to bubble up and fall down. So from now on, if you put the milk to heat, put the spoon already. The milk will not fall down.

2- How to eat sitafal easily:- Take sitafal and cut it into two parts and remove the cream from it in a bowl with a thala. Be careful not to peel the cilantro here. Now take it in a mixer bowl and turn the mixer on and off. There is no continuing with S. You have to run the mixer on and off. Now if you look, you will see that the thalja and malai are completely separated. So you can easily eat sitafal.

3- How to clean garlic: Roast the garlic for two to three minutes and then let it cool. After that, rub it with the palms of both our hands. Then you can clean the garlic very quickly.

4- How to store Green Coriander / Coriander: – Cut the stalks behind the green coriander. Then put tissue paper in the bottom of the container and then put coriander in it. Then put tissue paper on it again. Cover the coriander completely with tissue paper. You can also use news paper instead of tissue paper. After that, seal it in an airtight container and then put it in the fridge. This keeps it fresh for a long time.

5- How to remove thick cream from milk: Before boiling the milk, we have to add some water in the pan and wet it from all sides. And then we add milk to it. Slow down the gas before the milk comes out hot and boiling. Here you must not break the cover of the creamy part which appears in the milk. Let it cook on low heat for 15 minutes without breaking the cover. If the cream cover breaks, the cream cover will not thicken. When the milk gets cold, put it in the freezer. Next day you will see the cream thick.

 6-Regarding water:- When you heat water in a pan, after placing lemon slices inside it, heating something on it will not dissolve the salt of the water and you can clean it easily.

7- How to crush garlic with dasta: – When you crush garlic with dasta, the garlic jumps out. So if you add some salt with garlic and sprinkle it with jaggery, then the garlic will not come out.

8- How to clean the kharek.:- When you clean the kharek i.e. cut it, it takes a lot of effort with the chappa and many times you get hit by the chappa. So instead of that, if you put this kharek on a napkin and then break it with a hand, you will be able to clean the kharek very easily and quickly.

9- How to cut okra for vegetable: – When you cut okra, a sticky substance comes out of it which we call fiber. If you apply lemon juice on the chappa before cutting the okra and then cut the okra then the sticky substance will not come out.

10- How to store chillies for a long time:- If we bring more quantity of chillies at home, then they get spoiled. But if chillies are cut off before storing then they can be stored for a long time.

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