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Friday, September 16, 2022

Why does moss freeze in the soil of plants, know the reason here

 Why does moss freeze in the soil of plants, know the reason here

Causes of Soil moss:  Trees and plants are very important for a healthy environment. Nowadays many people are fond of planting trees even at home, but have you ever paid attention to the frozen moss in the soil of your plants? You remove the green moss over and over again, but it comes back again. Why is it so? After all, why does moss freeze in the soil of plants? This question must also come in your mind.

Removing moss by hand or with chemicals may give you temporary relief, but it can also come back if it is not removed from the garden or lawn properly. Let us know what is actually there and why many grow in the soil.

First know what Kai is

Moss is a rootless, flowerless plant, which can flourish in any season in the world. In appearance, green moss looks like a carpet in the soil. Moss usually grows more as a thick layer in places with moisture.

Why does moss accumulate in the soil of plants?

If plants do not get enough sunlight, then their soil starts to accumulate moss.

If plants are kept in more shade than necessary, then their soil starts accumulating moss.

Moss can accumulate if the soil of the plant is moist.

If there is no means of drainage in the pot, then moss starts accumulating in the soil.

Even after continuous rain, moss gets deposited in the soil of the plants.

If there is a lack of nutrients in the soil of the plant, then moss starts to accumulate.

Treatment for moss

The help of ferrous-sulfate can be taken to remove the frozen moss from the soil of the plants. Apart from this, the plants must be exposed to sunlight from time to time so that moss does not accumulate in the soil.

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