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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Eating before running is beneficial or harmful? Learn amazing things

 Eating before running is beneficial or harmful? Learn amazing things

Running is considered a good exercise to stay fit and for better health. In a busy and busy life, people do not have time for workouts, in such a situation, running is the only exercise that can be done easily by taking time out at any time. By running regularly, the heart remains healthy and the muscles also remain healthy. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are controlled by running, but eating immediately after running can be harmful for health. It is very important to know how long before running and how long after running food should be eaten. Eating food just before running can lead to cramping and digestive problems. This can also lead to a feeling of lethargy while running. Let us know before running and after how long something should be eaten.

If someone does a heavy diet or breakfast before running according to the required health line, a gap of 30 minutes, then he should wait at least half an hour. Do not run immediately after eating. If running is being done in the morning, then there is no time to eat too much. After dinner, it goes for a long time till morning and the stomach remains completely empty. That is why it is important to take a light snack half an hour before running. One should choose such food in which the amount of carbohydrates and protein is high.

Even after running, it is very important to cool down the body first after running after taking a break from eating . Water should be drunk after 30 minutes of running. If the body is not cooled down, problems like heart attack, brain stroke, abdominal pain may have to be faced. Muscles get tired due to running, so one should eat such food which gives energy. Protein shakes or sports drinks can also be used to hydrate the body.

Things to keep in mind before

running – You can do 30 minutes after eating Running

– You can consume tea, raisins, bananas or coffee before running –

Eating light will not make you feel tired

– Half an hour before running water should be drunk

Avoid running on an empty stomach 

Eat this before running in the morning

– A banana with a spoonful of nut butter

– Energy bar or low fat granola bar

– Small yogurt and fruit

– Fruit smoothie

– Oatmeal

Eat this after running

– Vegetable and fruit salad

– Boiled vegetables

– Raw paneer

– Juice

– Oatmeal

– Boiled egg and chicken

– Corn flakes

– Brown bread

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