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Monday, September 19, 2022

Drink warm water, not cold, will have 14 benefits


Drink warm water, not cold, will have 14 benefits

It is said that water is life and however it is the truth. No need to explain how important it is to drink water to live. From doctor to dietician, it is advisable to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. Where many people drink cold water, some prefer to drink warm or warm water. It is believed that hot water is very beneficial to the body.

Water is beneficial to us in many ways. Today we will talk about hot water. If the water is hot then there are many benefits. Hot water is a mine of virtues. Drinking warm water can cure many diseases of the body.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water -

- If you are suffering from a skin disease, hot water is often the cure. Start by drinking a glass of warm water daily. The skin will shine.

- Hot water is very useful in expelling toxins in the body.

Drinking hot water in the morning after empty stomach and eating at night breaks the food particles and will easily become feces, thus eliminating constipation and digestive problems like gas.

- Hot water is also very useful in boosting appetite.

- In a glass of warm water, add lemon juice, black pepper and salt.

- Drinking warm water on an empty stomach also eliminates urinary diseases.

It is beneficial to drink warm water even when you have a fever when you have a fever.

- If there is gas in the stomach, then the hot drinking water will run out.

- Drinking hot water can cure cough and colds.

- Hot water is also beneficial in diseases like asthma, convulsions, sore throat.

- If you want delicate kaya, mixing lemon and honey in a glass of warm water daily will make the body slim. Mixing lemon and honey in a glass of warm water in the morning or after each meal reduces fat. Lemons contain pectin fibers that often prevent hunger


- Whenever you eat or drink anything hot, sweat can drain away. This happens when the body temperature rises and the drinking water cools it, then the sweat is released. Perspiration removes salt from the skin and removes impurities from the body.

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- Women get pain relief by drinking a glass of boiled water during periods or if there is abdominal pain. Also on the day of the onset of menstrual pain in stomach, mix cardamom powder in warm water and drink. This will relieve menstrual pain but will also relieve body, stomach and headache.

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