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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Save WhatsApp stickers or create your own: background eraser, text, emoji & more |sticker maker app

Save WhatsApp stickers or create your own: background eraser, text, emoji & more |sticker maker app

While a new feature is going to be launched for WhatsApp group admin in the near future, this feature has been launched for many beta testers, so that any message can now be deleted.

 New feature for whatsapp group admin

 Group admin will get delete for everyone

 Anyone can delete a sent message

 Nowadays ever.

yone has WhatsApp in their mobile phone, this instant messaging app is found in the mobile phone of every person who uses a smartphone.  Admins can now get more power when people create groups and chat in them, in fact, according to a recent report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon release a feature that will allow group admins to delete any message for all members.  However, it is worth noting that this service is initially only available to some beta test

Admin can also delete other's messages

 WABetaInfo tweeted, "WhatsApp Beta for Android What's New? WhatsApp is introducing a feature that will allow group admins to delete messages for everyone. It's available to some beta testers!"

 Delete a message in this way

Save WhatsApp stickers or create your own: background eraser, text, emoji & more |sticker maker app

Make WhatsApp stickers more powerful
- Browse and save stickers from your WhatsApp chats (requires storage permission to access stickers from WhatsApp directory)
- Create your own stickers using our amazing sticker editor with decorations, emojis, text effects and more

Creating your stickers is easy with our sticker studio - select an image, add decorations or text, save it and add it to WhatsApp.

Top features in Sticker Creator for WhatsApp
🗄️ Organise your WhatsApp stickers
🎥 Create animated WhatsApp stickers from GIFs and videos
✂️ Erase image background with free hand crop and background eraser tool
👌 Add text to stickers with custom fonts and colors
🤪 Funny decorations like beards, spectacles, hats & more
🥡 Create any number of sticker packs. Maximum 30 stickers in one pack
🤖 Easy to use sticker editing app with photo editor
👻 Make fun of your friends with sticker meme generator

How to use the Sticker Maker for WhatsApp
1. Use the Create New button and choose an image from camera, gallery or files (camera and photo storage permissions are required)
2. Once an image is chosen, you can crop, rotate or flip it if required. Use square crop and select the full image if needed. Click Crop when done
3. To erase background from the photo, click Eraser. Touch and move the eraser as needed and then click Save
4. Use the Move tool to move or resize the photo
5. To add funny elements like spectacles, beards and hats, click Decorations
6. Use the Text option to write anything on the sticker. Change font or color to make it look good
7. Add emojis to the sticker from Emoji page
8. With the Brush tool, you can draw anything on the sticker
9. Use the Undo or Redo buttons if you make mistakes
10. Click Save when you're done with the design
11. Click the + plus button to add more stickers to a sticker pack. Choose a name for your pack and click Save
12. Add this personal sticker pack to WhatsApp with the Add to WhatsApp button.

Remove ads by choosing Premium
To remove all advertisements from the app and to support the developers, click the Crown icon or Remove Ads from menu and choose Get Premium.

Create stickers for WhatsApp
Stickify Maker integrates with WhatsApp and can add your stickers in WhatsApp's stickers section. Create your own WhatsApp sticker collection today by using our WhatsApp sticker editor. You can also share the full WhatsApp sticker pack with your friends using the Share icon. Powered by WAStickerApps.

એપ install કરો અહીંથી

Celebrate every occasion with Stickify Creator
Works for every feeling, event & language:
- Happy birthday & anniversary sticker maker
- Text and custom font stickers
- Brazilian stickers with Portuguese text
- Indonesian custom stickers
- Malayalam & Hindi stickers
- Love & dialogue stickers
- Animated stickers for WhatsApp
- You can organise the received WhatsApp stickers into packs

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