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Friday, December 24, 2021

Family live location and gps tracker best app.

Family live location and gps tracker best app.

First you need to install an application in your smartphone. The name of this application is GPS tracker Follow me. After installing this application you will have to register in this app. It is worth mentioning that the phone to be tracked must have this application. You cannot track this application if it is not in the phone.

After installing this app, if you open the app, you will see many options. Here you have to go to settings. Now a new pad will open. At the top you will see the option of registration of a new user. Click on it. As soon as you click here you have to enter the username, password and email id. Now click on Continue. A new page will open. Let the track interwall here for a minute, so that the rate of the phone is found in one minute. Then save it. Now you will get the location of the phone you want to know every one minute.

Whether you like it or not, the giant Google monitors your every move. Keeps a complete record of where you go. An investigation by a news agency has revealed this. Investigations have revealed that Android and iPhone have a number of Google services that keep track of your location even when using personal settings. This means that even if your location setting is off,
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Google will keep an eye on you. Experts see this as a risk to privacy. This has been confirmed by researchers conducting computer science research at Princeton University. Google says this will allow the company to keep a record of where the user is now. Google wrote on its support page that even after turning off location history, where you are going cannot be stored in Google. That is not true. Location data can be automatically secured by some of Google's apps, even in the position of position history.

The privacy needs of millions of people are going to be affected after this new system. This will have an effect on the millions of users who use Google Android and Google Maps in the iPhone. The former Federal Commission Enforcement Bureau of Technology at Princeton University says it is wrong to track users' location data even after it has been turned off. If you allow the user to turn off location history, it must be completely off the record. Google says that Google can experiment with location in a different way to better serve its users. It has location history, web and app activity and other device level location services.

Why turn off background data
Web and application activity must be turned off from the Google Account in the phone.
Login to Google at by phone.
2-Then select the option to control the activity through the search-navigation panel.
3- Now you will see many activities here. Stop any of these activities from what you want to stop.
4- After this, make sure that you have stopped serving web and application activity and location history.

Google tracks users' locations. In the smartphone age, tracking anyone's location is common. The phone has many such applications depending on the location of the phone. Apart from this Google itself constantly tracks the location of the users. Google can tell who's where by phone. They can sell this data for use in many ways.

Many times we want to hide our location. So the mobile is turned off. People have turned off the location option in their mobile phones and now no one knows its location but this is a misunderstanding. In fact, it secretly shows the location. Google also works to track location by IP address or background.

From this, the location and history details obtained by Google can be managed. Returning to the homepage and selecting the Delete activity-activity option. Select any option in last hour, day, last-time and custom range. Click the Next button. Service-based details can also be filtered and deleted. With this setting, the smartphone can also be operated.


Best Apps Ever for track location: Knowing anyone's location is not an easy task and even knowing the live location is a very difficult task. But and we are going to tell you about an application, with the help of which you can easily know the live location of any person's phone. Even if your phone is lost somewhere, you can easily see the location of your phone. Let us know how you can get the live location of the phone.

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