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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Paternal owner of property.

 To buy a property in India, many documents are required to ensure that the property that has been purchased has neither any claim nor any prosecution on it. But another important document for buying property is 7/12 extract. If a customer is investing in plots then this document is very much needed.

What is a 7/12 extract document?

It is a document filled with information, which contains land information such as survey number, area, date, and current owner details. It consists of two forms. Form 7 states the information of the landowner and his rights. Whereas Form 12 contains information about the land and its use. The 7/12 extract document in the local language in Maharashtra is called 'Seven-Twelve-Utara'. The state revenue department keeps a record of this document for the purpose of tax collection.  The customer gets a copy of this document on payment of official fees or filing an application under the law of information.

Why is 7/12 extract necessary?

7/12 is an important document for the legal status of the plot. It is used to search prior knowledge of any land. Information related to old disputes, lawsuits, legal orders, which may affect the ownership or legal status of the land is found in this document. Apart from this, 7/12 extract also records the activities on the ground in the past. The identity of the land and its location are also written in it. The extract also records the last crop that was grown on agricultural land.

Maharashtra Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil said that the document is used extensively in rural and semi-rural areas to identify landowners for granting agricultural and non-agricultural loans. This form is also available online now.

How to get online 7/12: This can be obtained from the Tehsildar office of the city where the land is located. This extract is taken for a fixed period of time. But by following these steps, you can also find it online.

1. Click on the Government of Maharashtra website

2. Select the name of the division, district, taluka and village in the list given on the website.

3. You can get the extract by filling these information.

* Survey number or group number of the property.

* First name of owner.

* Paternal owner of property.

* Owner's last name.

* Owner Full Name

4. Click Find Out and see the 7/12 extract.
Can 7/12 Extract be Transfer of Title: Industry Experts state that 7/12 Extract is a record of land for tax collection and can be offered as proof of possession of land . But this document is not proof of ownership. Therefore, a person cannot name property on the basis of 7/12.

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