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Monday, October 31, 2022

Gujarat Bridge Collapse Kills 141, Hundreds Still Missing: You Can Suffer Fatal Injuries After Falling From Height

 Gujarat Bridge Collapse Kills 141, Hundreds Still Missing: You Can Suffer Fatal Injuries After Falling From Height

In a tragic incident, at least 141 people have been killed and hundreds are missing after a bridge collapsed in Gujarat's Morbi district on Sunday evening. More than 500 people, including women and children, were on the suspension bridge when the cable supporting it snapped, sending people plunging into the river below. According to reports, most of the dead were women, children or the elderly. Local officials said the incident took place when people were performing Chhath Puja at a 150-year-old bridge located 300 km from Ahmedabad.

You may get injured after falling from a height

The incidents of bridge collapse have happened at a time when the people of the country are busy celebrating Chhath Puja. Following the tragic incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today canceled all his programs in Gujarat, where political parties are campaigning for the elections to be held next week. Although many people have survived this horrific event, experts have some concerns. A patient who survives such an event has many health challenges in life. Did you know that a fall from a height can cause your body to suffer some serious and life-threatening health effects? Let's take a look at some of the health hazards of falling from a height:

spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries are very common for those who are victims of major bridge collapses. It can severely damage the spinal cord, leading to serious and life-threatening effects.

Head trauma

Severe head injuries are also common for bridge collapse survivors. Sometimes, a head injury can be severe and a person can even die.

broken bones

Another health hazard that can be faced after falling from a height is broken bones. Many parts of the body are affected when you fall from a height, back bone, shoulder bone, ankle bone and even your rib bone can be seriously damaged.

neurological damage;

Experts have also shown in studies how falls from heights can be left with lifelong neurological effects. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the doctors informed about your daily health updates when you are injured due to fall from height.


A severe fall from a height can lead to amputation of certain body parts.

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