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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Best video of childhood memory

Best video of childhood memory

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Best video of childhood memory | miss childhood memory

Let's remember those childhood stories again today but we have not forgotten the memories of childhood the stories of the seven faires told by the grandparents and .the story of vikram vetal and akabar birbal. Spring is the cackoos nest and rainy season is the peacock art ., The greeny of the farm and the hiccups eaten by the forefathers , memories of chickens playing with friends and playing house to house, but we have not forgotten the memories of childhood.

What is the best time of human life..?

If one asks that, it can be said with certainly that childhood is the best stage of a person's life. The fun of this time is that you don't even know when it passes. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Writers like kaka saheb kalelkar can bring to life their childhood moments through 'smaranyatra'. Elderly alders tell their children about the splendor of their childhood. Everyone regrets losing the splendor of childhood. As it is said in a hindi film 'koi lauta de mere bite hue din' represent everything.

Were small and summer vacation means gillidanda in the morning, leaves all day, evening cricket, and FUG the bell rings iceberg . That is when night falls, the games continue again..a crowd of fifteen or twenty people.. Noise all around in the rocks.. Between 20-25 days mama, aunty, uncle,faye going to live there and such groups there too. wheat is cleaned at home on one side , in the afternoon and in the evening, if there is chilli in the rock..

I didn't even know AC was then..and amidst the cold breeze in the agaci above the tired at night to fall a sleep in amazement at the stars of the universe what is really visible in the sky in front of this.. Why don't these stars fall on us. How can this moon give so much light.. Whatever the scientific reasons for was a lot of fun imagine then..

વિડિઓ જુઓ અહીંથી

Summer is the real fun of childhood.then whether to eat or play mangoes . Right now after sitting at work , business, it feels hot but then .

This summer seems to be the most beloved because it is the most previous moment of life, it was engraved in it. Noto count when grown u and when i was younger, i used to calculate the number of days left open a school.

I wish this was a bunch of memory. That would have brought back the how many wounds were inflicted on the body, it would heal at that age , there were no wounds on the heart. Ehat is cunning called. I didn't know that. The second form of man was never seen.

The world was very small but very beautiful and glorious..

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