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Monday, October 31, 2022

Never make these 5 mistakes while cooking, otherwise it will not benefit the body

 Never make these 5 mistakes while cooking, otherwise it will not benefit the body

Vegetables contain many nutrients and these nutrients are very important for the growth of our body. In such a situation, everyone must eat green vegetables, but after preparing the vegetables, we must pay special attention to some things.

Eating a diet rich in nutrients is essential to stay healthy. At the same time, how you prepare your food is also important. Because we bring nutritious things from the market, but if they are not cooked properly, their nutrients are destroyed. It is equally important to cook vegetables especially well.

Don't chop vegetables too finely : Many women chop vegetables too finely, so you should not chop vegetables too finely. When you finely chop vegetables, exposure to air destroys nutrients. In such a situation you should take special care while preparing vegetables.

Do not overcook vegetables : People believe that overcooking makes food tastier. But let us tell you that if you cook the food on high flame or cook it for a long time, the nutrients in the vegetables are destroyed.

Cook vegetables with steam instead of water : If you want, use less water while cooking vegetables. The best way to preserve the nutrients of vegetables is to steam them in less water. There are many nutrients that dissolve in water and are lost. So using more water or oil is wrong.

Minimize use of oil: Minimize the use of oil while cooking vegetables. Some people use too much oil to cook vegetables. Doing so makes the vegetables tasty but depletes the nutrients in them.

Do not use baking soda: You should try not to use baking soda in food. Let us tell you that adding baking soda completely destroys the vitamin C in the food.

Now if you are a housewife too, pay special attention to these things while cooking, so that the nutrients in the food are preserved. If you liked this article then stay connected with Culinary World to read similar articles.

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