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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Green Firecrackers: Don't Green Firecrackers Cause Pollution? Know how it differs from ordinary crackers

 Green Firecrackers: Don't Green Firecrackers Cause Pollution? Know how it differs from ordinary crackers

Diwali 2022, Green Firecrackers and Air Pollution: Celebrations seem incomplete on Diwali without bursting firecrackers. Children to old people can be seen bursting firecrackers at the festival. People enjoy the festival by bursting firecrackers, but the gas released from them poisons the air. This is the reason why crackers have been banned everywhere. Due to the ban, the currency of green crackers instead of normal crackers is increasing rapidly. Most people want to know whether green crackers are pollution free? Doesn't burning them release poisonous gas into the air? Today we will tell you what green crackers are and how different they are from normal crackers. Along with this we will also tell you how much pollution is caused by burning green crackers.

What are green crackers?

According to an ET report, the concept of green crackers was introduced in the year 2018 to control air pollution. It was introduced as an alternative to ordinary crackers. Green crackers do not contain hazardous chemicals like aluminum, barium, potassium nitrate and carbon. The sound of these crackers is also much less than normal crackers. Green crackers are manufactured in such a way that they do not have much impact on the environment. You will find green crackers everywhere in the market.

Don't green crackers cause air pollution?

According to the report, green crackers contain 30% less pollutants than regular crackers. Green firecrackers are about 110 decibels, while normal firecrackers are about 160 decibels. However, green crackers cannot be called completely eco-friendly and burning them also causes pollution. In simple language it can be said that bursting green crackers causes pollution, but it is less than normal crackers.

Where to buy green crackers?

You should buy green crackers only from licensed shops. Green crackers found at street vendors and unlicensed shops cause more pollution and can poison the air. Apart from this, full care should also be taken while firing green crackers. Green fireworks doesn't mean they won't hurt you. These crackers can also be harmful to your health, so be careful.

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