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Friday, October 28, 2022

Benefits of horse gram: Lose weight fast, this lentil is a panacea for cholesterol-stones.

 Benefits of horse gram: Lose weight fast, this lentil is a panacea for cholesterol-stones.

Benefits of cool dal

Today we are telling you about one such pulse, which is very easy to lose weight. This nadi is also very beneficial in chronic cough, asthma, kidney stones and irregular periods.

Kuli dal is beneficial

Kuli dal contains all the nutrients that are known for weight loss. Kuli dal is said to be an excellent source of protein. Protein not only boosts your metabolism, but keeps your stomach full for longer. Due to which the amount of calories is reduced.

Kuli dal reduces weight

Just 100 grams of cool dal provides 22 grams of protein. Cool dal is also known for its low calories. Due to which it is easily included in weight loss diet.

Sugar control with cool dal

Kuli dal is rich in protein and low in calories, which is very beneficial for your digestion. Fiber intake is very important for weight loss. Consuming 100 grams of cool dal provides about 8 grams of fiber. It controls sugar.

Kulthi is a panacea for stones

Kuli dal is also used for stone i.e. kidney stone. According to a research on the NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information website, fennel has been used for stones for a long time.

Cooler dal for kidney stone

Kulthi dal acts as an effective diuretic, i.e. promotes urination, which can work to remove kidney stones through urine.

Drink cool dal soup

A study on Kulthi Dal has found it to be beneficial for weight loss. The fiber content in it can be attributed to this. Cool dal soup can be consumed for weight loss.

Cholesterol is controlled by cool dal

Kuli dal fiber can work to lower LDL i.e. bad cholesterol and increase HDL i.e. good cholesterol.

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